Client Services

Freelance Contractors:

CIS is divided into a variety of specialised teams, each focusing on its own specialist market. This enables our recruitment consultants to develop a comprehensive understanding of their respective markets and to identify the best talent within their own market.

We have established extensive networks of Freelance Engineers & Consultants within our specialist markets which allows us to react to our customers’ needs with a view to securing the best candidate available across the globe within 24 hours. We are constantly expanding our talent pool through investment in advertising, networking, recommendations and referrals. Our engineers and consultants come from a wide geographical base, which often allows us to offer a local solution and great value for money.

We also offer a candidate alert service to our customers, allowing them to track the availability of exceptional talent in their specialist areas. Many of our customers are constantly on the lookout for certain rare skills which, if available, could enable them to add value to their existing projects or even offer them the ability to consider additional projects.

What we offer:

  • Freelancers to work on-site or remote on a contract basis for a set period of time at an agreed rate
  • Comprehensive Non-Disclosure and Non-Competitive Agreements with our consultants
  • Discounted rates for remote working
  • All inclusive monthly invoicing with agreed payment terms
  • One-month probation period with immediate notice if you are not 100% satisfied
  • Fast-track Telephone / Video Conferencing interviews for 24-hour delivery
  • Work-permit partnerships to enable us to supply very rare skills from other continents if required
  • Fully compliant tax solutions with no risk of liability to our customers
  • Regular performance reviews with your CIS representative and our consultants
  • Advanced candidate qualification processes to optimize delivery ratios

Business & Systems Consultants

CIS has vast experience in providing specialist Consulting Services to customers in our core markets. We can partner with you to provide some of the industry’s best consulting talent to advise you on key strategic business and technical solutions for your organization. Many of our consultants also work for the ‘big five’ consultancies which means we can offer the same wealth of experience and expertise as these companies at a fraction of the cost.

What we offer:

  • Highly experienced Independent Consultants to advise of key business & systems issues
  • Consulting, Interim Management, Industry Experts & Technology Experts
  • Comprehensive Non-Disclosure and Non-Competitive Agreements with our consultants
  • All inclusive monthly invoicing with agreed payment terms
  • Fast-track Telephone / Video Conferencing for 24-hour delivery
  • Business references as required

Permanent Recruitment

In recent years CIS has established a new permanent division to offer additional value to our customers looking to fill highly specialised technical and key managerial positions. Our permanent recruitment consultants work closely with our specialist teams, to identify the best candidates, actively looking for new career opportunities. We are constantly developing our networks of passive and active candidates, to ensure that we are always in the best position possible, to deliver top quality results in the shortest possible time.

Our permanent recruitment process is designed to deliver fast and effective recruitment solutions to companies looking to secure the very best talent in the market. Unlike traditional recruitment models, CIS works on a ‘fast-track’ basis, designed to optimize success ratios in highly competitive skill areas. Unlike conventional recruitment, CIS works on a project basis, with pre-arranged interview slots and decision timeframes, to ensure that quality candidates can be dealt with in the shortest possible time and avoid losing them to the competition during the process. CIS’s philosophy is this:

“One Requirement – One Ideal Candidate – One Interview – One Decision – One Placement”

What we offer:
  • Contingency Recruitment – “no placement, no fee”
  • Quality Guarantee – 3-month rebate system with refunds from 100% to 25%
  • Candidate Alert system for recurring requirements or rare skills
  • Fast-track Telephone / Video Conferencing for international recruitment situations
  • Project based recruitment processes
  • Work-permit partnerships to enable us to supply very rare skills from other continents, if required
  • Advanced candidate qualification processes to optimize delivery ratios
  • Candidate referencing
Contract to Permanent

CIS offers a hybrid ‘contract to permanent’ service for clients who would like the opportunity to test the consultant on an initial contract basis with a view to recruiting them as company full time employees after an initial contract term. This offers a flexible solution to deal with a variety of situations as follows;

  • may allow you to start a project while you are waiting for new headcount budgets to be granted.
  • ‘try before you buy’ – many jobs are so important that you may wish to see how someone performs in a real live situation over a period of months, before being able to committing to offering a permanent employment.
  • begin with a contract resource to help you demonstrate the benefits of having such a person, in order to present a case for additional headcount, having the option to transfer the contractor to company employee if required.

All candidates presented to our clients in these situations have been fully screened to ensure that they have a genuine intention of transferring to permanent employment should the opportunity materialise.

Professional Services
Workpackages & Statements of Work

CIS also acts as a professional service provider to a number of our customers, offering the opportunity to outsource some of the more specialist work packages or Statements of Work (SoW’s) to CIS in order to simplify the delivery of your project. These work packages are agreed on a case by case basis with our customers, in order to define certain tasks, milestones, deliverables and acceptance criteria required under the service agreement.

Professional Services can be executed on-site or remotely, under the management of your CIS Consultant, instead of your own internal management. CIS will provide regular updates and progress reports throughout the project lifecycle. We agree budgets in advance and only charge, based on successful achievement of the agreed milestones throughout the delivery of the service. In order to maximize synergy across their overall project environment, customers are encouraged to play an active role in the selection of the consultants CIS will use during the delivery of the service

Statement of Work - format



Acceprtance Criteria

Target Date


1.  as agreed

as agreed

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Full Terms & Conditions of the Sercice Agreement available from your CIS representative or email us at:

What we offer:
  • Proposals and quotations for defined work packages and individual statements of work (SoW’s)
  • Regular milestone set to ensure any issues are identified at the earliest possible time
  • Full work package management with regular reporting to our customers representative
  • Flexible agreements to allow for changes to initial scope or to deal with unanticipated problems
  • Warranties on stand-alone components
  • Maintenance and Support Services – post delivery
What makes us different?

We are well known for our ability to find rare skills, even when everyone else has failed!

CIS offers a two-way exclusive agreement option to our customers, whereby we will dedicate a team of people exclusively to you, in order to fill your current requirement(s), for as long as you agree to use CIS on an exclusive basis. You can cancel this agreement with immediate effect at any time if you are not 100% satisfied with the ongoing results.

Operating as a global specialist, CIS has built a powerful network of consultants from all continents across the globe.

We can offer you customized services to cover anything from a short-term requirement for a single engineer, through to large comprehensive solutions for consulting and professional services.

We offer all customers a candidate alert system where they can register their wish to be informed of exceptional candidates with specific skill-sets coming available in the near future.

We have a successful track record of delivering highly specialised consultants within 24 hours.

We are so confident in our ability to deliver, we offer you the opportunity to take the CIS Challenge.

CIS is happy to partner with consultancy firms and systems integrators at bid stage of a project in order to demonstrate the potential availability of specialist skills required to deliver the project to the end client.